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The French Beauty Routine

Reading daily, The French Essence,I came across this older post"bien dans sa peau-part 2 of how to dress like a french girl" (5/27/09)  about Dress,Hair,Make-Up and Beauty for French Women.

It is true that French women start caring for their themselves sooner then American women. American women,and I just heard a women say," I must start soon, I see my wrinkles now". Now, is almost too late, sooner is better.

Coming form someone who knows the French better than I, and who judgement I trust, Vicki Archer here is her take on this subject.


"What about make up, beauty treatments and shots (as one adorable reader called them, Vitamin B – B for Botox)? Like the hair, French make -up is all about looking natural and looking natural starts with good skin. Skin care is a huge part of the French beauty routine and along with the hairdresser and the lingerie shop, the beauty therapist is the next most popular shop and stop in every corner of France. Skin care works only if it is regular and that is where French women are particular and disciplined – regular appointments and follow up at home – not a ‘once a year treatment day at the Spa because someone has given you a gift voucher’ approach. Good skin means no sun, glowing skin takes time and effort and most importantly the effects are cumulative – neglected skin is a hard act to reverse. And as for dry and flaky skin, rough elbows, unpolished toenails or unkept fingernails ….quel horreur.

French girls appear to wear little or no make up (that is the secret to their beauty, ‘le no make-up look’) but I know this is not true. French women love to wear make up and this is evident by the amount of pharmacies and department stores loaded up with maquillage. Again it is all about simplicity – never too much of anything, just enough to enhance what nature has provided. A couple of rules: Lots of eye make-up with a light coloured lipstick and the reverse when wearing red or dark lipstick – very little eye make-up. Simple and obvious guidelines that work for every woman. Red lips are by far the easiest and quickest French beauty tip to emulate but the one that packs the most punch.

 Votre Vu is formulated in France with the French mindset. Our 4 Step Facial system is quick and easy for the rushed women in the morning and evenings. 4 Skin types, Attentive/Sensitive   Best Regards/Normal to Dry    Peau Equilibree/ Troubled and  Full Benefits/Mature.  If you are not sure of yor skin type, PLEASE select Attentive/Sensitive, which can be used on all skin types.



We also very recently launcehd French Accents..... more on that tomorrow. Until then Au Revoir.

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    The French Beauty Routine - Home - Premium French Skin Care With Votre Vu
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    The French Beauty Routine - Home - Premium French Skin Care With Votre Vu
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    The French Beauty Routine - Home - Premium French Skin Care With Votre Vu
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    The French Beauty Routine - Home - Premium French Skin Care With Votre Vu

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